Two-Hour Voyager Season Finale?

By Christian
March 16, 2000 - 10:20 PM

The official web site of UPN 44, a UPN affiliate in San Francisco, recently updated its list of upcoming specials. On the schedule, they mention Voyager's season finale will be shown on Wednesday the 17th of May, at 8:00pm. As Voyager is usually shown at 9:00pm, what this means is that either UPN will be airing another show right after Voyager, or the season will end with a two-hour special episode.

What makes this situation even more likely is that Voyager will be in repeats until Wednesday the 19th of April, and 'Good Shepherd' was Voyager's 20th episode of the season. Every Voyager season so far has consisted of 26 episodes, and if the season ends on the 17th of May the only way UPN is going to be able to show 26 episodes will be if they show an episode at an alternate time. Of course they could do the same thing they did last year with 'Juggernaut' (air an episode on another day), but after that episode's abysmal results I doubt they'll be doing that, and we'll probably get a double-length final episode. Thanks go out to Sebastian Lorenz for pointing this out to me!

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