Masterson and Coto Celebrate 'Enterprise'

By Michelle
February 16, 2006 - 9:27 PM

Actress Chase Masterson and executive producer Manny Coto both helped TrekUnited celebrate its birthday - and the anniversary of its campaign to save Star Trek: Enterprise - by chatting on the site last week.

"I think the fans put forth a valiant effort that should have garnered more of the studio's attention," Masterson (who played Leeta on Deep Space Nine, and currently interviews guests for told TrekUnited. "I wish it would have worked." She encouraged fans to put their energy into "a new non-studio based effort" to revive Star Trek, saying that she would like to appear in Star Trek: New Voyages - preferably as "Captain Leeta."

Masterson has been raising money for hurricane victims, working on a new CD and preparing for the film Yesterday Was a Lie, which begins filming in March. She will also appear in the new Robotech. She noted that she thinks Coto did a superb job during his tenure on Enterprise, saying, "If Enterprise had been given the shot it deserved with Manny, I believe it could have gone seven seasons easily."

Coto himself told TrekUnited that he wished he were saying happy birthday to the site "from the offices of Enterprise, season five", though he is pleased to be on the staff of 24, which he describes as "extremely collaborative" by contrast with Star Trek. He said it was possible that there would be a 24 movie, "though I couldn't tell you when it will be coming out."

Still in contact with most of the writing staff from Enterprise, Coto was looking forward to 40th anniversary Star Trek conventions, saying, "I actually can't wait to be back amongst Star Trek fans." He wishes he could have worked with Kirk and Spock and did not dismiss the idea of returning to Star Trek, telling audiences that they would be better off letting Enterprise go and "lobby[ing] Paramount for a brand new Star Trek series. I think the more time passes, the harder it is to resurrect a show."

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