Armstrong Talks Cancellation and Forrest's Evil Twin

By Michelle
February 16, 2005 - 1:06 AM

Vaughn Armstrong, Star Trek: Enterprise's Admiral Forrest, said that the cancellation of the series was "like losing a wife" to many on the crew.

The actor, who has appeared as numerous aliens on the three Next Generation-era Star Trek shows as well as in Trek games and The Experience in Las Vegas, spoke to (via TrekWeb) about the end of Enterprise and his upcoming appearance in the Mirror universe episodes.

The cancellation, said Armstrong, was "a sad thing, but we all knew that it would come to that. The actors are naturally shocked, but they will deal with this, after all they are professionals." He said he was more concerned for the behind-the-scenes crew, some of whom had been working together for nearly 20 years.

In "In a Mirror, Darkly", Armstrong returns to Enterprise despite the fact that Admiral Forrest would have seemed to be gone for good earlier this season in "The Forge." Calling it "a delight" to play the mad and evil Forrest, he said, "this role is completely new for me, because he is very different from our Admiral Forrest. He is cruel and arrogant; and besides he is called Maximilian and not Maxwell."

The original article in German is at Thanks to TrekWeb for the excerpts.

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