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By Antony
February 16, 2003 - 11:23 PM

  • Robert Foxworth (Admiral Leyton in DS9's 'Paradise Lost' and 'Homefront') will be appearing in 'Memento', the March 7 episode of Stargate SG-1 in the US.

  • Alice Krige (the first Borg Queen) is starring in the upcoming SCI FI Channel mini series Children of Dune, and will be attending a chat at their website on February 21 at 6pm PT. More information can be found here. Thanks to 'Malcolm Reynolds'.

  • A number of Trek actors have spoken out in support of the space programme in the wake of the Columbia tragedy, according to "Man's future — and I pray we allow ourselves to have one — lies beyond this planet," said Robert Picardo (The Holodoc).

  • 'Nemesis' will be available to rent from 7 July in the UK, and to purchase on 4 August, according to Thanks to Tom Woodward!

  • Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan) recently pulled out of performances in Ma Rainy's Black Bottom due to a bout of flu, according to Playbill. Trek Today wishes Whoopi a speedy recovery. Thanks to 'Ms Lex6'!

  • The Totally Kate website has been updated with screen captures of Mulgrew's role in a 1984 episode of Jessie. They can be found here.

  • Star Trek Media has added a video of the making of 'Nemesis'. Thanks to D.L.H. Douma!

  • has posted three new pictures from the upcoming 'Elite Force' sequel, which can be found here. Thanks to Daniel!

  • A couple more reviews for Enterprise's 'Stigma' are now online. Litsa Guevara at Trekpulse was impressed with the episode, and wrote: "The writing, acting and direction were top-notch for this episode. I was very impressed by the fact that the Berman and Braga wrote this. To be truthful, I had not expected such a good turnout from them. The 'A' story, which dealt with a very serious social issue, was tackled with restraint, not too much preachiness and sympathy." The full review can be found here.

  • Gisele La Roche at StarfleetCom.Net also reviewed 'Stigma,' giving it an A- minus grade. "Viacom's AIDS awareness program was the reason why this episode was made. Still, I think Berman and Braga did a wonderful job fitting in this subject with the Trek universe. It may have been a little preachy at times but the writing was mature and intelligent. It's refreshing that the topic of safe sex was not discussed. It's been done to death at this point. Also, I loved how the Denobulans represented the idea of 'freedom of expression' and although Trip was uncomfortable with their lifestyle, he didn't judge them for it." The full review can be found here.

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