'Workforce' Script Leaks

By Amy
February 16, 2001 - 8:17 PM

After the emergence online of complete scripts for two Voyager episodes – ‘Shattered’ and 'Lineage’ – weeks before the episodes themselves had actually aired, it appeared that Paramount had, to some extent, managed to plug its security holes. Unfortunately for the studio but fortunately for the spoiler-lovers among fans of the show, it’s success in preventing scripts from leaking has proven limited – as demonstrated by the appearance online of snippets of the scripts for both parts of ‘Workforce’ over at TrekWeb.

Sent in by Thinkey, the person believed to be responsible for the original ‘Shattered’ spoiler script, the segments all focus on the interactions between Chakotay and the brainwashed Janeway. It’s revealed that Janeway decides to move in with Jaffen, her romance for the story – a romance that will no doubt hit more than a couple rocks once Jaffen turns Chakotay over to the authorities.

In addition to the script snippets, Thinkey notes that even brainwashed, Voyager’s resident couple, Tom Paris and B’Elanna Torres, are attracted to each other. B’Elanna, it seems, will be one of the first of the crew to be re-captured and restored to her normal self by Chakotay and crew.

To read the actual script snippets, which includes the final scene as Voyager leaves the planet, you can follow this link to TrekWeb.

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