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'The Void' Leaves Critics Divided

By Amy
February 16, 2001 - 5:45 PM

The first reviews for Wednesday’s Voyager episode, ‘The Void’ are out, and opinion seemed to be pretty mixed. Perhaps the shows two greatest critics amongst the online review community, TrekWeb’s O.Deus and IGN Sci-Fi’s Jason Bates were more or less at the opposite ends of the spectrum. O.Deus thought that it was actually one of Voyager’s finest outings, certainly one of the best of the season – even if too much of it was borrowed from previous Voyager outing, ‘Night’. He was also happy with the portrayal of the Federation and the lack of Seven of Nine "growth as a human being" material. Bates, on the other hand, gave the episode a paltry two out of five. Calling it an example of "cliched, hackneyed, stereotypical, lazy writing", following what he sees as the Star Trek formula of recent times, he did manage to come up with a few things to like about the episode, namely the lighting effects, the musical aliens and the actor’s performances.

You can find O.Deus’s review here, while Bate’s can be found by following this link.

Meanwhile, Section 31’s Shaun Whiteaker (1stOmetiklan), and the Trekker Newsletter’s Jacqueline Bundy, however, seemed more in agreement with each other, giving it the same over-all score. While not going so far as to call it one of Voyager’s best outings, Whiteaker was tentatively impressed, giving it an 8/10 over all. Most impressive were found to be the visual effects, which rated a nine out of ten, while the acting and story line respectively received scored of eight and seven. Bundy, on the other hand, said that the episode had "exceeded [her] expectations". Expecting only a mediocre offering after ‘Prophecy’, an episode she enjoyed, she actually found ‘The Void’ to be a "well paced, well written episode, with stunning visual effects".

Again, to get the full run down from either of these reviews, you can either drop off here at Section31 or here at the Trekker Newsletter.

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