Keating Entertains Fans At Portland Con

By Caillan
January 16, 2002 - 5:36 PM

Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed) regaled fans with stories from the set of Enterprise during his convention appearance in Portland, Oregon last weekend.

The long days on the soundstages can become quite taxing after a while, but Keating said Anthony Montgomery (Travis Mayweather) is usually there to liven things up, according to a report by 'Kipli' at

The scene in 'Fight or Flight' where Archer slides down the ladder into the armoury had to be dubbed in post-production, the actor recalled. When Keating came into the booth and played back the scene to do his lines, he discovered that Montgomery had dubbed "Oh Captain, you frightened me!" in a high-pitched voice over the original line.

Connor Trinneer ('Trip' Tucker) managed to wreak his own brand of havoc during the filming of 'Broken Bow'. According to Keating, none of the cast are adept at using the props, but Trinneer broke three phase pistols during shooting. "Where's the phase pistol?" the actor said jokingly. "Oh, Connor had it last, it's gone."

Keating told the audience he was concerned Malcolm Reed was getting beaten up every other episode, with the armoury officer soon to be knocked around by a Klingon female "supermodel." The actor added he should mention this trend to Enterprise executive producer Rick Berman before viewers started to think he was a "huge wuss."

The full report and a set of pictures from the convention are available at

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