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By Christian
January 16, 2001 - 11:05 PM

Hello World!

As I type this, I'm pretty near to completely freezing to death. This evening, I decided that what I really wanted was a nice bowl of yoghurt-strawberry ice cream. Unfortunately, the company that produces this particular type of ice cream apparently believes that orphanages or families with dozens of kids are the only households that could possibly want yoghurt-strawberry ice cream, and so I was left with close to a litre of ice cream - which was especially a problem as I'm without a working freezer at the moment.

The best option I could think of for storing it was simply hanging the ice cream out of the window, as it's cold enough outside anyway, but unfortunately to do that I did have to open the window and keep the latch in a horizontal position, which just happens to be the 'open' position. I did try to prevent the window from going open using a rubber band, but it just keeps on slowly opening each time, so now I'm faced with a steadily dropping temperature here, with it undoubtedly getting colder still during the night.

I really should just throw away the ice cream - it cost just a couple of guilders, after all, and just getting this place warm again is already going to cost me more than that in heating costs. But after going through all this trouble that's the last thing I want to do. I will have ice cream tomorrow, even if it means all my fingers have to freeze off. My only worry is that tomorrow I'll be so cold ice cream will not even be something that I'd want to eat. Maybe I just need to get some strawberry-flavoured tea instead.

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