New 'Hailing Frequencies'

By Amy
January 16, 2001 - 1:07 PM

The latest edition of Michelle Erica Green's weekly 'Hailing Frequencies' column is out over at Mania Magazine. This week, Michelle does the full news round-up - spoilers, tv, people and awards, including a look at the recent Television Critics Association press gathering in Pasadena.

"I love them... It`s been a marvelous journey with these guys," Mulgrew said of her cast mates, a sentiment echoed by others among the cast. Both Mulgrew and Robert Duncan McNeill, who plays Tom Paris, said they thought it was time for the ship to land, though McNeill added that he thought it was important to maintain an element of surprise as well. The actors claimed ignorance of any plans, but Tim Russ joked in a most un-Vulcan-like manner that, "There is probably a fan in Iowa who does know."

Biller confirmed that he and Berman have the plot for the finale outlined, but added, "We do sometimes change our minds." Both producers stressed that there are many issues to be dealt with other than the issue of whether the ship gets home. Berman also said that security is of paramount importance, so they are trying to keep the script in the hands of as few people as possible in order to keep details from leaking onto the Internet.

Given the recent publication of the shooting script for the upcoming episode "Shattered" and the extensive spoilers for the Deep Space Nine finale that leaked weeks before it aired, Berman`s concern is understandable. Mulgrew`s recent suspicion that Voyager may film multiple endings also makes sense, particularly in light of persistent rumors that a main character would be killed during the denouement. Whether Mulgrew will get her long-stated wish for her own character to die remains to be seen. When Berman said it was possible that Voyager characters might appear in an upcoming Next Generation movie, she interrupted to ask for more information.

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