Wheaton Indie Film Released On Video

By Caillan
December 15, 2001 - 5:58 PM

The independent film 'Foreign Correspondents,' starring Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher), was recently released on video and DVD.

Written and directed by Mark Tapio Kines, the film is split into two separate, but thematically intertwined stories. Wheaton stars in the first of the two sections, entitled 'Dear Jenny.' It features a woman who receives mysterious, romantic postcards meant for someone else - and slowly becomes absorbed in this long-distance relationship. Wheaton plays the woman's neighbour who tries to draw her out of this fantasy world.

"It's a very simple story about - about lonely people who don't want to be lonely anymore," Wheaton said in a video interview at the film's official web site "This isn't a movie about car crashes and naked girls and foul language. It's a movie about someone - out of the four characters - we all have met or been one of these characters at some point in our lives. [...] It's been a wonderful experience."

Kines was full of praise for Wheaton's performance. "It was a great experience working with Wil," the director told StarTrek.com. "Wil was so believable in his role that after each screening, I had to convince people that he wasn't like his character in real life. He's got great range - every time I watch the film, I see new things in his performance."

Wheaton wasn't the only Star Trek actor involved in the film. Lisa Locierco, who played Miral Paris in Voyager's 'Endgame,' also appeared in the 'Dear Jenny' segment.

Originally filmed in 1997, the movie premiered in 1999 at the Academy of Television Arts & Scientists. It was also screened at the Chicago Alternative Film Festival and the Flanders International Film Festival before its video release this year.

Further information about the film can be found in this StarTrek.com report, or from the 'Foreign Correspondents' official web site, which is selling both VHS and DVD copies of the movie.

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