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Pegg And Pine On 'Star Trek XI' Plus New Spock Photo

By T'Bonz
November 15, 2008 - 3:31 AM

For Simon Pegg, seeing the previews of Star Trek XI left him a little breathless.

As reported by Simon Pegg's Myspace, seeing the four preview clips from Star Trek XI made him happy and grateful to have been included in the movie. "The third clip featured a certain Caledonian engineer's first appearance in the movie," said Pegg, "and J.J. pulled me up to say a few words/gush like a fool, before it ran. I was somewhat geek happy and slightly disoriented from the first two clips and the trailer (which was shown first and premieres to the world imminently) and was consequently a little breathless and lost for words. I basically expressed how incredible it was, as a fan of Star Trek, to be witnessing my own contribution to the series and what an extraordinary experience it was, as an actor, to interact with characters I have known for thirty years."

One unnamed scene affected him more than the others. "One particular action sequence was so tense and exciting, by the end of it, I felt as though I had watched an entire movie," said Pegg. "It's been four hours since the lights came up and I feel as though I am still sat in the auditorium with my mouth hanging open and my eyes glassy and wide. I am beyond excited for this film and now officially, inordinately proud."

Pegg's fellow Star Trek XI actor, Chris Pine, spoke to Sci Fi Wire about Star Trek XI. "What J.J. [Abrams] is creating and what we've been a part of is really the birth of these characters, not only their individual journeys but how they all meet and the forging of that relationship, that then carries on to another five year mission," said Pine. "People will be really surprised and I think what J.J. and Alex [Kurtzman] and Bob [Orci] have done so well in their script and in the film is to infuse it with as much humanity as possible, so not only are you getting the kind of big effects that you'd expect from a blockbuster, but also something of a character movie which is difficult to do and I think we've done extremely well. People will be blown away."

According to Pine, he is not the only Pine to have had some contact with William Shatner. "My father, in the first week that I got the project, did a Priceline commercial with William Shatner so there is multigenerational contact with Mr. Shatner," he said.

And finally, a new photo of Zachary Quinto as Spock has been released by Paramount as seen here. A larger image can be seen here, courtesy of

To read more, head to the blog located here. The Pine video can be viewed here.

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