European Fan Film To Cross Over Two Generations

By Michelle
November 15, 2005 - 8:04 PM

A European fan film, Star Trek: The Legacy (Star Trek: Das Vermšchtnis) starring "Vulcan Willi" from Trekkies 2, will bring together the crews of the original series and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Director Christoph Hees told Trek United that although there is still some footage remaining to be filmed, he hopes to release The Legacy before the end of 2006. Hees invited Willi Weigand, famed for his resemblance to Mr. Spock, to appear in the movie, and Weigand ended up marrying his girlfriend in a Vulcan ceremony on the film's original series bridge set.

"He had seen me before on the television where I had made an appearance as Spock," Weigand explained of the request to join the cast. "When I saw the first photos of the sets I assured him I would immediately."

Though the presence of TNG shuttle sets and the original series bridge make apparent that the film is a crossover, as well as the fact that Hees plays Picard, the story is being kept a secret. Denise Crosby visited the set to interview "Vulcan Willi" and was impressed by the complexity. By July of this year, $30,000 had been spent on the sets. When completed the film will be screened at conventions and available for download on the internet.

Weigand said that Hees had built a Klingon bridge set in such a way that it could later be used as the Enterprise's bridge, adding that that set and the TNG shuttle would be auctioned to provide money and space for the final two sets.

The original interview is here. The film's web site is here.

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