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'Fortunate Son' Promo Online

By Lisa
November 15, 2001 - 4:14 PM

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'Fortunate Son' photo - courtesy Outpost 6, copyright Paramount Pictures

UPN yesterday released the trailer for the next Enterprise episode, entitled 'Fortunate Son'.

In this episode, the crew is dispatched by Starfleet Command to assist Fortunate, a human freight vessel that has been attacked by Nausicaan pirates. On arriving, they are surprised to find that Fortunate's crew is resistant to Archer's efforts to help them and determined to seek revenge against their attackers, no matter what the repercussions.

Courtesy of Outpost 6, a digitised version of the promo is available for download. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:


[A smaller ship flies alongside a much larger cargo freighter.]
[The smaller ship fires]
[A Nausicaan on the Enterprise viewscreen.]
Nausicaan: "We want our crewman back!"
[A human in a grey shirt, Ryan Cross, sits in the cargo freighter's command chair.]
Ryan Cross: "He's our prisoner."
[Archer, Phlox, Reed and T'Pol are talking.]


[Inside a darkened cargo hold, Ryan Cross faces the emprisoned Nausicaan, who is tied to a wall.]
[Ryan Cross angrily looks at the Nausicaan and kicks him viciously. The Nausicaan cries out in pain.]
[Archer is on the bridge, addressing the viewscreen. Mayweather sits at the helm.]
Archer: "Release that hostage!"
[The Enterprise crew goes through a door]


[With T'Pol in the background, Ryan Cross addresses Archer.]
Ryan Cross: "Starfleet doesn't have any juristiction over what goes on aboard my ship!"
[Archer looks at him, worried]
[Mayweather and Tucker on the Enterprise bridge]
Mayweather: "They're charging weapons!"
[The cargo freighter at the beginning fires on the Enterprise.]
[Mayweather addresses Archer in a darkened cabin.]
Mayweather: "This is none of our business"
[Archer looks back at him.]
Archer: (off-screen) "I've got an armoury full of torpedos."
[We see torpedos preparing to fire.]
[Close up of T'Pol]
[Back to Mayweather and Archer]
Mayweather: "We're not handling this in the right way."
[Close-up of Archer sitting on the bridge.]
Archer: "Any other... orders of mine you'd like to question?"
[Close up of Sato, who looks to her right.]
[Mayweather looks from her to Archer guiltily.]

The 3.4 MB Quicktime trailer can be downloaded here at Outpost 6, or from A slightly larger 4.0 MB version is also available.

More information on 'Fortunate Son' is available in the Trek Nation episode guide.

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