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By Amy
November 15, 2000 - 3:44 PM

Julia Houston,'s Star Trek Guide, has posted the latest of her weekly feature articles. This week's article, 'Where are the Rumors?', poses a question I'm sure many of you out there are asking (including yours truly, which is not good on a news site), though recent weeks have seen some new Series V and Trek X news brought to light.

I think Berman and Braga are smart enough to realize that whatever the next series has, it's got to be new and it's got to be different. It can't set itself up to compete with TOS, or any of the other shows, and it can't be hemmed in by a plot line that calls for the same type of story (time-travel, rescue operations, romance, etc.) over and over.

I think. I don't know. I doubt even Berman and Braga know. They claim they don't.

But that's what we're supposed to be doing right now: thinking and guessing and generally making fools of ourselves predicting what's going to happen in the next series and film.'s quiet out there.

I've only heard two really good rumors for some time now. The first is that Data will die in the next movie, which is a very old rumor indeed, as Spiner has stated repeatedly that he's tired of playing Data and thinks it looks weird to have Data age. The second is that Seven of Nine will be on the next series, which dates back to her first appearance on Voyager.

So where's the rest of them? Where's the story making the rounds that the next series will have Lucy Lawless on it? Where's the "insider report" that the next movie will have a joke about the Simpsons? I want to hear that the next captain is going to be a little kid, or gay, or that he or she will have a little kid who's gay.

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