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'Enterprise' Gets Mediocre Review, DVD Release Date

By Michelle
October 15, 2004 - 3:01 PM

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An early review of Star Trek: Enterprise's "Storm Front, Part Two" gives tonight's new episode only mediocre ratings, but in better news for fans, Paramount Home Entertainment has tentative plans to release the series on DVD in 2005.

Hercules of Ain't It Cool News awarded the second part of "Storm Front" only two stars ("as horrible as most stuff on TV"), saying that the two hours of the double episode "thoroughly betray the promise of last seasonís finale cliffhanger, extending the long-running 'temporal cold war' story-arc without building upon it in any significant way." His favourite part was the beginning of the episode, which features Hitler visiting Nazi-occupied New York in a manufactured newsreel.

"It turns out that red-eyed Vosk isnít responsible for all the changes in Earth history," explained Hercules. "Armies of temporal agents have apparently been at hard at work trying to gum up all sorts of different eras." Russian history was changed, for instance, and the Soviet Union was never founded.

Hercules noted that many questions are not answered by the episode, such as the identity of "FutureGuy", the mysterious dark humanoid who has been seen advising the Suliban during previous seasons. Silik and Daniels' history receives some exploration, but Hercules revealed that one of these characters does not survive the episode...and oddly enough, it isn't the one who's already expired.

Meanwhile, TV Shows On DVD has reproduced Paramount's announcement of its 2005 DVD plans, which includes Enterprise through the current season. The current schedule would see the first season released during the first half of the new year, with subsequent sets in the summer, early fall and near Thanksgiving. Thus all four seasons will be available by the winter holidays.

Hercules' review is at Ain't It Cool News, while the preliminary information about Enterprise on DVD is at TV Shows On DVD.

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