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By Christian
October 15, 2000 - 10:49 PM

Over the past few days, three new articles appeared on the Trek Nation:

  • Caillan Davenport, the writer of last June's 'The Voyager Conspiracy' article, has put up a new article dealing with Star Trek's place in sci-fi history:

    The beauty of science-fiction is that it isn't always about the science. Sure, the "out of this world" concepts are often interesting; indeed some are tantalisingly intriguing. However, I think that the most endearing part of science-fiction is the human stories it enables us to tell - stories that resonate beyond the confines of space and time. If you look at the science fiction canon as a whole, you can't find a series that more aptly fits this description than "Star Trek".

    The original series has cemented a place for itself in science-fiction history. It looks like the case may be rather different for the three spin-off series, however, and although each may be well-remembered by Trek fans, their place in the "big picture", is beginning to look a little smaller.

    A more detailed look at the reasons of this can be found in the full article.

  • Also new is a new edition of Fred Shedian's 'A Take On Trek' column, again continuing last week's theme of also looking at Andromeda:

    Quoting a famous comedy personality, "What in the name of all that's Holy?" This week, science fiction saw two stunning activities take place. First, Star Trek: Voyager's writing staff produced an episode that had the caliber one would have expected on TNG or DS9, followed by the conclusion to the Andromeda premiere. Today, I'll be touching on both shows yet again.

    Find the looks at both shows here.

  • And finally, resident reviewer Ed Hines has put up his analysis of the Voyager season premiere, which he awarded 3 stars. For the first time, Ed has split up his review in several different sections, including a summary section and a look at all the characters. Click here to read it all.

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