News Bullets

By Michelle
September 15, 2003 - 9:00 PM

  • Michael McKean, who played the clown in Voyager's "The Thaw", will play the reccuring role of Perry White on Smallville, which will air new episodes opposite Enterprise in the 8 p.m. Wednesday time slot when the WB fall season begins.

  • Two more reviews of "The Xindi" have been posted online. Television Without Pity's Keckler said that "Quantum and Qrew are back for another season of abject mediocrity."

  • Meanwhile Monkee's Page awarded the episode an 8.5/10, though Monkee lamented the inability of the Trek writers to produce a realistic and mature relationship between Tucker and T'Pol.

  • Psi Phi has updated the complete onscreen credits for "The Xindi."

  • Totally Kate! has added summaries and collages for episodes 9, 13 and 14 of Mary's Story on Ryan's Hope, featuring Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway).

  • Part four of Bakology is now up, covering Scott Bakula (Captain Archer)'s career from 1985 through part of 1987, with video, audio and print material.

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