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By Lisa
September 16, 2002 - 2:45 AM

Hello World!

I have been given a copy of Black and White for PC by my brother in law.

What a strange strange game.

I chose an ape to be my creature. I've been teaching him how to do nice things to look after my village, but he seems to have no idea about how to feed himself. I hope he discovers how soon.

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-Which Trek movie is most overrated?

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Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

Which Captain Would you Rather Serve With?
Jonathan Archer 26.5% - (1217 Votes)
Jean Luc Picard 26.1% - (1197 Votes)
Kathryn Janeway 20.5% - (941 Votes)
Benjamin Sisko 16.9% - (777 Votes)
James T Kirk 9.7% - (448 Votes)

Total Votes: 4580

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Today's Television Listings

  • TNN will be showing TNG's 'Final Mission' at 2:00pm Eastern Time, 'Violations' at 3:00pm, 'Ethics' at 4:00pm, 'Realm of Fear' at 5:00pm, 'Man of the People' at 6:00pm, 'Schisms' at 7:00pm, and 'Timescape' at 8:00pm.

  • In the United Kingdom, Sky One will be showing Voyager's 'The Thaw' at 15:00 GMT and Voyager's 'Tuvix' at 16:00. Channel 4 will be showing Enterprise's 'Dear Doctor' at 18:30. Thanks go out to the Great Link for this!

  • In Germany, Sat.1 will be showing TNG's 'Das fehlende Fragment' ('The Chase') at 16:00 CET and Voyager's 'Tsunkatse' at 16:00.

Tomorrow's Television Listings

  • TNN will be showing the Next Generation episodes 'Booby Trap' at 8:00 p.m Eastnern Time.

  • The Sci-Fi Channel will be showing the Original Series episode 'Wolf in the Fold' at 6:00 p.m Eastern Time.

  • In Canada, Space! will be showing the Original Series episode 'The Lights of Zetar' at 10:00 a.m and 2:00 p.m Eastern Time, with TNG's 'Sins of the Father' 3:00 p.m, DS9's 'The Passenger' at 4:00 p.m, & Voyager's 'Maneuvers' at 5:00 p.m.

  • In the United Kingdom, E4 will show the Original Series epiosde 'Catspaw' at 14:00 GMT. Sky One will show TNG's 'Shades of Gray' at 17:00 and 'Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home' at 20:00. Thanks go out to the Great Link for this!

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