Bryan Fuller Chat Highlights

By Christian
September 15, 2000 - 10:11 PM

Over at TrekWeb, they've put up the transcript of last night's chat with Bryan Fuller, one of the Voyager staff writers. During the chat, Fuller of course made several newsworthy comments - here's a summary:

  • The writing staff started today on breaking the final season's 13th episode, placing them at the half-way mark now. "There's a lot of fun stuff in store and we have a nice mix of episodes that will give all of the characters a day in the sun before the series comes to a close. It's actually kind of strange to be so far into the season when the first episode hasn't even started yet. By the way, I think 'Unimatrix, Part Two' is even better than part one."

  • When asked about the rumour of one of the main characters dying this season, Fuller said that there's "[no] truth to that at all (as of today)".

  • Speaking on Voyager's own Final Chapter, Fuller said the plans aren't as big as they were for Deep Space Nine. "We have talked about several different ways to bring the show to a close and what's currently being discussed is really awesome. Voyager is going to go out with a big bang. Trust me. We have discussed possibly doing a mini arc, but nothing like they did on DS9. It may be anywhere from 2 to 5 episodes. It's hard to tell right now how involved it will be."

  • On Series V: "I'll tell you this, and I'm sorry if it sounds like the same old Rick Berman interview you've been reading for months, but it's really cool. It's got a fresh spin on the Star Trek franchise, but gives it a new life and restores that spark of exploration that I think some of the series have lost. It'll be like looking at Star Trek with new eyes. That's all I'm going to say."

  • When asked about unrevealed episodes past 'Body and Soul', Fuller gave the following one-word descriptions: "> Let's see... after "B&S" we have a Kim episode, then a Chakotay episode, then a B'Elanna episode, then a Seven episode, then a Tuvok episode. And I think that brings us up to 14. The rest are in more early episodes of development and could change. Titles have been changing a lot, as well. I'm trying to think of what I can say without getting in trouble."
In the full transcript, Fuller also talks a bit more about the other episodes we've already heard about, and also answers questions on subjects such as Robert Beltran's dissatisfaction with his character's role, Fuller's favourite episodes, and a bit of Star Trek X.

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