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By Christian
September 15, 2000 - 6:45 PM

Hello World!

Deep, deep sigh. Remember my laptop saga from a few months ago? Back then, I had a problem whereby my laptop wouldn't start up if I had a regular external keyboard plugged in. After turning in the laptop for repair, it was away for close to two months, but when I got it back the exact same problem still existed. So in early June I took the machine to the actual factory, where they fixed the problem. Flash forward to this morning, just over three months later, when I tried to start up the laptop only to again be greeted by that despised black screen from back then. It is in fact possible to plug in a keyboard via the USB port, but unfortunately I only have one of those and I'm using it to connect to the internet. Apparently USB splitters exist allowing two or more devices to be connected to the same port, maybe I'll try that - in any case there's no way I'm turning over the laptop for another two months again.

As a side note, I'm finding it infinitely amusing how three people already mailed me complaining about how incredibly sexist the current TrekToday poll is, when I received absolutely no complaint about the previous poll, asking about Trek's hottest men.

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