Linlithgow Unveils Scotty Exhibition

By Michelle
August 15, 2007 - 7:35 PM

The Scottish city of Linlithgow, which has declared itself the future birthplace of Montgomery Scott in 2222, has opened an exhibit about the character and late Canadian actor James Doohan, who portrayed Scotty in the original Star Trek series.

The Herald reported from the exhibition that The James Doohan Memorial Exhibition focuses on the life of Scotty, whom Doohan's family said would be born in the West Lothian town of Linlithgow, though other authorities on Star Trek canon have suggested that he might come from Edinburgh instead.

About two dozen exhibits in Annet House Museum include a dilithium crystal, a model of the first Enterprise, and a Tribble. Spock's hand gesture for "Live Long and Prosper" is also described, following actor Leonard Nimoy's explanation, as a Jewish benediction. The Doohan family has loaned the exhibits for two years and will visit in September to unveil a commemorative plaque.

Curator Alan Young said, "I am told from the Trekkie point of view, the dilithium crystals and the tribble are the two things which they would think is super. We have already been getting inquiries and within the Trekkie community there is a growing interest."

"I am extremely confident the exhibition will attract visitors from all over the world and help boost tourism in Linlithgow and West Lothian," added West Lothian Provost Tom Kerr.

Some photos of the exhibit can be seen at

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