Bizarre Bazaar of Aliens Coming Up on 'Enterprise'

By Michelle
August 15, 2003 - 2:57 AM

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Enterprise's fourth episode of its upcoming third season, "Rajiin" (renamed from "Enemy Advances"), will be set in an exotic bazaar on an ocean world where an alien slave woman seeks refuge with Archer's crew.

A report at states that the episode "puts a beautiful alien woman in the middle of the conflict between the NX-01 and the Xindi and brings the two enemies closer to a showdown."

The crew visits the bazaar to seek out a chemist who may be able to help them survive the Delphic Expanse. The chemist, B'Rat Ud, is played by Dell Yount, who appeared in the Deep Space Nine's "Sons of Mogh".

Nikita Ager plays the title character, described by Dominic Keating (Reed) as "HOT!" at the recent Creation convention in Las Vegas.

The Xindi Council seen in the season premiere returns in this episode, with the same actors playing the reptilian, humanoid and sloth aliens. The Xindi-Insectoids and Xindi-Aquatics will be created digitally.

Several stuntmen in prosthetics appear as hostile Xindi-Reptilians who conflict with the Enterprise crew. Dozens of extras play the aliens in the bazaar.

Long-time Trek director Mike Vejar is the director of "Rajiin", which will air in October.

A report detailing the sets and a photo of one of the aliens appears at

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