Mulgrew To Be First Lady Of Ohio?

By Lisa
August 15, 2001 - 3:16 PM

Captain Janeway won't be putting her feet up now that Voyager has ended. Kate Mulgrew's (Kathryn Janeway) husband, politician Tim Hagan, yesterday entered the race to become Governor of Ohio.

"I'm running," Hagan said as he filed papers to form an official fund raising committee to support his campaign. "I think that there is a reason for Democrats to feel confident that we can make a case in this campaign, and I'm looking forward to doing that."

Hagan, who is a former County Commissioner, had planned to make a formal announcement of his intention to run yesterday, but postponed this because of the illness of Mulgrew's mother and best friend." "I'm waiting so that I do it right," Hagan said. "I need to be in a position where everything is in place. I want to make sure on announcement day that I'm off and running, and not bumbling around. And Kate wants to be there with me."

At the recent Voyager: The Return convention in England, Mulgrew told fans about her husband's political aspirations. When asked whether she found her husband's political ambitions or her own new play more important, she said: "My husband is running for governor of Ohio, so I'll have to see how the Primary goes and then the General and that's where we're sort of putting our attention this year [...] The primary comes first, this race comes first."

Mulgrew has helped her husband out with political matters before. In March last year, she cut a public service style commercial for the Congress elections in Ohio. Featuring Mulgrew on the Voyager Bridge in a Starfleet uniform, she urged voters to vote Democrat. "Just do it," she urged.

Before he is able to run for Ohio Governor, 55-year old Hagan will first have to win a primary election which will decide which candidate will gain the Democratic Party's nomination. This battle is not expected to be an easy ride, with competition coming from at least three other high-profile Democrats.

If successful, Hagan will then have to face off against the Republican candidate, incumbent governor Bob Taft. Hagan criticised him for not adequately funding education, research and development, which Hagan said caused Ohio to lead the nation in the number of people between 25 and 50 years old leaving the state for jobs elsewhere. Taft already has a head start on his own campaign finances, and Hagan is expected to need between $5 and 10 million to mount a successful challenge.

Whether Hagan wins the primary or not, his wife is already getting used to the idea of becoming the wife of a Governor. When asked by a fan about her dream role now that Star Trek is over, she replied with a smile. "Well, I wouldn't mind being the first lady of Ohio!"

More information about Hagan's plans can be found here at the Ohio News Network, or here with a photograph at the Columbus dispatch.

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