Trek Needs To Be More Like Galactica, Panel Says

By Michelle
July 15, 2005 - 7:35 PM

A panel of supposed Star Trek experts concluded on Thursday that Star Trek: Enterprise failed because it wasn't enough like the new Battlestar Galactica, which was labeled more realistic and relevant than the newest Star Trek series.

"Battlestar Galactica is basically a naval show set in space. It's World War II," said Robert Meyer Burnett, the director of the parody Free Enterprise. "Star Trek used to be about our world. Now, it's not 'real'," he told an audience at the San Diego Comic Con, as reported in Signs on San Diego.

Star Trek, Burnett complained, is increasingly about spatial anomalies rather than relevant social issues like Galactica, reimagined and executive produced by former Star Trek staffer Ron Moore. The new Galactica has dealt with such issues as suicide bombers and the torture of prisoners in recent episodes. "We need to ask the tough questions [in science fiction] because the press isn't," noted Burnett. "And Galactica has attempted to do that."

Though Trek fans booed at this praise for Galactica and applauded at a positive mention of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, other panelists objected to the lack of scientific realism and the dourness of the characters. "When Captain Kirk is sitting there in the command chair, leaning forward, he looks like he's enjoying himself," observed Daren Dochterman, who produced the special edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. "Scott Bakula's Captain Archer always looked like he wanted to be somewhere else." Dochterman felt that "We need to let Star Trek die for now...we know it will come back, just like Spock."

Another presentation at the San Diego Comic Con celebrates Star Trek, however. IKV Stranglehold, a Klingon fan group, will host a presentation today about the Klingon lifestyle, reports San Diego CityBeat. Members of the group describe it as more fun and family-oriented than other Star Trek fan clubs, emphasising community service. "You have people with kids who want to do things, and donít want to leave their kids locked up at home," noted leader Dennis Hanon.

The San Diego Comic Con runs through July 17th at the San Diego Convention Center. Information and tickets are available at the web site.

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