NX-01 Is Smallest Enterprise

By Lisa
July 15, 2001 - 8:55 PM

Though the Series V Enterprise will be one of the most advanced ships of its time, the tititular starship will be smaller than any other Enterprise seen on-screen.

The NX-01 will measure 750 feet in length (approximately 230 meters). The ship's size was revealed by Sean Stephenson of the LCARS Computer Network. The new ship will have a crew compliment of about 70 to 80, Rick Berman said last week (story).

This compares to Kirk's Enterprise that measured 947 feet across (288 meters) and had a crew compliment of 430. Picard's Enterprise-D measured 2103 feet (642 meters) and had a compliment of 1014. Two centuries after Archer's ship, the largest Enterprise so far was produced. This is the current Enterprise-E, which measures 2248 feet in length (685 meters) and can carry 800 crewmen.

In the comparison image below, you can see the NX-01 alongside several familiar starships. Included are the Akira class, the Enterprise-A and Enterprise-E. Please note that all ship designs remain copyright of Paramount Pictures.

The NX-01 and other Federation ships - Courtesy LCARS Computer Network Thanks go out to Sean Stephenson of the LCARS Computer Network for this information and the image.

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