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First Trek X Plot Rumours

By Christian
June 15, 2000 - 10:46 PM

Glen Oliver at IGN FilmForce (who used to run AICN's Coaxial News) has put up a new spoiler report on the plot of the tenth Star Trek film. Last week, Corona Coming Attractions already posted several rumours on the name of the screenwriter writing the movie (all of which were debunked), but this is the first news on the story of the film.

According to FilmForce, the producers are currently considering killing of one of the franchise's most beloved characters - Brent Spiner's Data. The site does indicate that it is not clear whether or not a final decision on this has already been made, but according to FilmForce it is at least being considered.

If true, this would fit in with comments made by Spiner in several interviews, in which he stated that he was getting too old for the role and wanted Trek X to be his last picture. On the other hand, this isn't the time Data is rumoured to die in a Trek movie, so this could just be a repeat of those same rumours. FilmForce's original report can be found by following this link.

As usual, please do still just treat this as you would any other rumour - of course none of this has been officially confirmed by Paramount yet.

[Update, 23:45 GMT:] Tim Hansen at Section 31 has digged up comments from Spiner himself about his death in Trek X, which were made just after 'Insurrection' premiered in late 98:

Once again, Brent Spiner comments on Data and aging, "I asked them to kill me off in this film. I think, at best, I've only got one more in me." Spiner adds, "I'm getting too old for the character. I've said that when I get too old for the character I would stop doing it." Even if they can write a way for Data to age, Spiner would still decline, "It's true, there's always some way. But why, really, to what end? We [the cast] have such a good time together that there's always this nagging thing ... I'm going to miss all the fun if I'm not there. It's a delightful character, it's gainfully employed me for a number of years and it's an honorable thing. But this is 184 hours worth [of screen time] that this cast has done. God knows that's enough for anyone."

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