Series V Uniforms Described

By Christian
May 15, 2001 - 6:04 PM

While the fifth Star Trek series will reportedly be set before the Original Series, the uniforms worn by Captain Archer and his crew will apparently more closely resemble the Voyager jumpsuits than the brightly-coloured attire worn on Kirk's Enterprise.

The Sci-Fi Wire reported today that some crew members on Enterprise will wear navy-blue jumpsuits with contrasting yoke and shoulder piping in colors indicating status or function aboard the ship. The uniforms will feature a black mock turtleneck and a left-shoulder patch showing a white-on-blue image of the series' principal starship.

This starship, meanwhile, was described by the Wire as resembling the original Enterprise. Previously, the Series V starship has been described as being "chunkier and blockier" than the starships seen in the other series.

Last week, Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) already commented on the uniforms worn on the series, saying he was very pleased with his costume. "I have had fittings. I look like a guy in a uniform. I look pretty darn good."

Uniform colouring has always indicated the wearer's department in Starfleet on the past four Star Trek series. In the Original Series, gold indicated command, red indicated security or engineering, and blue indicated sciences. In the later three series, red and gold were switched around. It is not yet known what colouring scheme will be used on Enterprise.

Filming on Enterprise was scheduled to begin yesterday. At the same time the first scenes were filmed, construction workers were apparently still busy building other sets on the Paramount lot. Shooting is expected to continue for at least a month, giving the crew ample time to finish construction of all the sets.

For the original report, please follow this link to the Sci-Fi Wire. As usual, please be aware that no official Paramount information is yet available on the costumes worn on the series.

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