Recent 'Voyager' reviews

By Christian
May 15, 2000 - 8:31 PM

Jim Wright at Delta Blues has put up his review of 'Life Line', the most recent Voyager episode. Jim loved the episode:

This was one of my favorite episodes of the season. The guest performances were terrific, Picardo's dual role was wonderful, and the regulars all held their own quite nicely, particularly Jeri Ryan. She and Picardo have a lovely rapport going. The story moved along nicely, had some excellent continuity from "Pathfinder" and other previous Voyager episodes, and was a good next step in the Homecoming Saga. We've reached the beginning of the end, I think--with a season to go, and less than half the distance remaining, and regular contact, it seems likely that home will play an increasing role onboard Voyager.

I was a happy camper this week, no two ways about it. Five dang stars.

His full review, including the usual very long synopsis, can be found here.

Michael Seither at the German web site STVK has put up (German) reviews of Live Fast and Prosper and The Muse.

And Chris Stephenson at the U.S.S. Maximillian has written reviews of both Fury and Life Line.

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