News Bullets

By Christian
May 15, 2000 - 8:11 PM

  • UltimateTV is reporting that NBC will be keeping the drama series 'The West Wing' in the Wednesday 9:00pm time slot for next season, still opposite 'Voyager'.

  • Fandom's Star Trek Central has put up a new Message Board for fans to talk about every aspect of Star Trek.

  • Tonight at 8:30pm, E! will be showing a new edition of its 'Mysteries & Scandals' segment, today featuring Jeffrey Hunter ('The Cage', Christopher Pike). In the 1950s and 1960s, Hunter seemed destined for superstardom, but in May 1969 (before even the end of the Original Series), Hunter fractured his skull and died. The program explores Hunter's life, from his marriages to his death, using interviews with both his son and his daughter.

  • IGN Sci-Fi has put up a preview of all the big SF series' season finales, also taking a brief look at Voyager's 'Unimatrix Zero'.

  • Section 31 has been updated with video clips showing the scenes that were cut by UPN for the last several episodes of Voyager's fifth season. The reason for the cut was the fact that UPN needed more advertising space around 'Voyager' episodes. The full episodes are being shown in syndication now, however, which is how Section 31 obtained the footage.

  • SouthWest Airlines has announced the Total Experience Pass, a new service for customers giving them free entrance to many attractions in Las Vegas, including the Star Trek Experience. Thanks go out to Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga for this!

  • Psi Phi is reporting that 'Restoration', the first 'New Frontier' hardcover, scheduled for November, will be accompied by not only the standard audio cassette version, but also by a CD audiobook. This will make it one of only eight such Trek books on CD.

  • On the newly redesigned Star Trek Books Board, Pocket Books editor John Ordover has posted an announcement stating that the Sulu Novel Challenge is now officially over, as only 826 letters were sent before May 1, less than the thousand required for such a novel to be published. Thanks Psi Phi.

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