Nimoy Found 'Star Trek XI' Irresistible

By T'Bonz
April 15, 2008 - 5:39 PM

Leonard Nimoy was coaxed out of retirement by reading a script loaded with exciting ideas for a good movie.

As reported by SyFy Portal, Nimoy found what he read in the Star Trek XI script to his liking as well as for his respect for J.J. Abrams. "I respect him a lot," said Nimoy. "I respect his work. And he was very flattering with his thoughts about Star Trek and my involvement in it and what I might be able to contribute to the next film. We had a couple of exciting and very interesting meetings. He then sent me a script and it was unlike anything I had read before, Star Trek or otherwise. It was just so loaded with exciting ideas on a big scale and action and great characterizations."

Nimoy admitted to times when he felt that Star Trek should just end. "It's been a long, long road for me," he said. "I first got involved in 1964, about 44 years ago, and it's had the ups and downs of a very long relationship. There were times when it was fantastic, and there were times when it was dismal, painful. There have been times of struggle, times of questioning, What are we into and what should we do next? Should we do anything about this and why don't we just stop?"

But his interest and enthusiasm was rekindled by Abrams and the script and Nimoy is excited to contribute to Star Trek for one last time. "And then suddenly there's a revival and it gets exciting again. It's a long and very, very interesting ride and now I really feel that I can let it go personally and watch it go off in a very good direction."

Zachary Quinto, the new Spock, was just as enthusiastic about Abrams. "He brings his ability to execute his vision -- which is basically unparalleled, a really generous spirit, a lot of respect for the people he works with and the people who work with him."

Quinto understands the need for the secrecy after his first day of shooting. "The first day I shot the movie, before it was over, J.J. came to me with his phone and showed me a picture that he had downloaded from the Internet of us standing in the room we were still shooting in," he said. "It was already on the Internet! That's actually what instigated the heightened security. The next day I showed up and we had floor-length vinyl jackets with hoods and golf carts that were completely enclosed in black tarp."

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