TV Guide Names 35 Greatest Trek Moments

By Lisa
April 15, 2002 - 8:30 PM

April 20th TV Guide 'Deanna Troi' Cover - Copyright TV Guide/Paramount The April 20th issue of TV Guide on sale today is a Star Trek extravaganza, not does it come in a choice of 35 different Trek covers, but also a feature on the greatest moments in the history of the franchise.

"It's been 35 years of exploring strange new worlds since Star Trek debuted in the 1966-67 TV season," says the magazine's web site. "With four spinoff series, it's the most successful and influential franchise in science fiction history. To celebrate this anniversary, TV Guide has chosen the 35 greatest scenes from the five Trek series."

Number 30 in the list of greatest moments, is from the Deep Space Nine episode 'Duet.' Taking place in the series' first season, the episode focuses on a Cardassian visiting the station who could actually be a notorious war criminal. "I remember being on the floor and having it hit me. I was flooded with an understanding," Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys) told TV Guide. "Until that episode, my take on Kira was that she was completely right. I was avoiding the gray. Life is not so easy to navigate as that."

An episode that hit screens more recently is the Enterprise episode 'Shuttlepod One', featuring at number 27 in TV Guide's list. Writer and Executive producer Brannon Braga told the magazine: "[It's] Two men stuck in a shuttlepod — you could do it on an Off-Broadway stage. It's an episode that we wrote more quickly than any episode and it just flowed out, from beginning to end. I stopped and read it, thinking, 'This can't be any good.' [But it was] a wonderful play that bonded these two guys together forever."

April 20th TV Guide 'Q' Cover - Copyright TV Guide/Paramount The Voyager series finale 'Endgame' rates at number 7 in the poll, with the climatic confrontation between Admiral Janeway and the Borg Queen it's highlight. "For the last time, we see these two women head-to-head, smiling in that measured, albeit ghastly, way at one another," explained Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway). "The difference is Janeway has nothing left to lose. The Borg Queen, of course, has no morality. Janeway is going to sacrifice her heart. She's made up her mind to do it, there's nothing left to say except [in effect] 'You lose.' And for me that was marvelous because it was soft, right in her eye, and all over."

In addition, the TV Guide web site has a screen saver featuring Trek covers of the magazine available for download. Images of all 35 current covers are online and can be sent as an ecard.

The complete list of TV Guide's Greatest Trek Moments is available in the April 20th issue of TV Guide, on newsstands now. Extracts from the feature are online here at the magazine's web site. The screen saver and ecard features can be found by following this link.

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