Gaming Bullets

By Amy
April 15, 2001 - 4:42 PM

  • PC Game's Gamespot has posted three new movies from upcoming Gizmo Games title, 'Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars'. The files vary in size from 12.6 to 13.3MB and area available in either Real Player or Windows Media format, streaming or for straight download.

  • The site has also posted a new preview of the game. They found it to be "still a little rough around the edges" - it is an alpha build, after all - but adds that "the game looks very good and is easily one of the best-looking Star Trek games to date"

  • Italian gaming site Next Game has once more posted a number of new screenshots from the upcoming 'Elite Force' expansion pack.

  • PC Shooter has posted the first 'Away Team' review for the day. Rather let down by the game, reviewer T-Rock17 rated it only 59 out of 100 or 'wanting', saying that while the game looks good, sounds good and has a good premise and initial storyline, nothing else about it is.

  • Review number two comes from Mitch Eatough at Gamezilla! He was likewise unimpressed with the game, calling it "another in what is becoming a long line of disappointing Star Trek games. With a solid premise and well done graphics and audio," he adds, "it showed a lot more promise than other Trek games I've played recently, but its sub-par AI made it boring."

  • has the next 'Away Team' review for the day. Reviewer David "Spooky" Cuciz was slightly more positive, rating it a 66 overall, though he concluded with the comments that "Star Trek: Away Team will only appeal to die-hard fans. Everyone else should look elsewhere."

  • Last up, the only really positive review of the game comes from the official Star Trek site. As with almost all products profiled at the site, they were aparently thrilled with the game, rounding off with "all in all, with it's stellar graphics, imaginative storyline and faithful depiction of the Star Trek universe, "Star Trek: Away Team" is a must for any serious Star Trek gamer. It's easy to learn but difficult to master, but that's the whole fun of games, isn't it? "

  • Finally, Decipher, makers of the Star Trek customisable card game, have released details of two new cards in their Voyager stand-alone expansion set, including an ultra-rare. In something of a surprise move, the ultra-rare card is 'The Pendari Champion' (aka the Rock) from season 6 episode Tsunkatse.

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