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By Christian
April 15, 2000 - 10:30 PM

Over at the Trek Nation, regular columnist Fred Shedian has put up a new edition of 'A Take On Trek', his weekly opinion column. In the column, Fred wonders what we will be able to expect from the final few Voyager episodes of the season:

After looking at [the 'Live Fast And Prosper promo], I must ask the question...who came up with this story idea? For change, we have a mission that I think is unique to the Star Trek Franchise. A brilliant plot idea has finally come that has all the makings of being a hysterical episode. What's more, it's never been done before.

Honestly looking at what this episode will probably be, I can't see how the writers could possibly screw it up? If somehow "Live Fast & Prosper" turns into a dud, Paramount should fire the entire Voyager writing staff. A dud will more than likely be created if we discover Jeri Ryan is in every scene, once again forced down our throats for the viewership of the hormone driven fan. If this happens, it means these writers cannot take one of the few unique/brilliant ideas this series has generated in six years and turn it into an enjoyable forty-two minutes.

However, if the episode is indeed as good as I believe it will be, does this mark a rebound in the writing quality of Season 6?

You can find the answer to this question, plus more on 'Live Fast And Prosper', by going here.

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