'Elite Force 2' Gaming Bullets

By Antony
March 15, 2003 - 10:53 PM

  • A number of official 'Elite Force 2' wallpapers have been put up online at Ritualistic. Thanks to Steve 'badman' Hessel!

  • A staff member from Ritual (the company behind the game) dropped by the Ritualistic forums to talk about the female uniform designs. "Going into the start of development on this game, we realized the females were a bit of an obstacle. When we designed the new Hazard Suit we wanted to bring as much of the old suit into the new design as possible but enhance it a bit. We wanted to emphasize the female form a bit more with this game since an underlying plot is focused around romance." Read more at the Ritualistc messageboard.

  • Also at Ritualistic, Activision producer Doug Pearson told messageboard visitors that there would be a German version of the game, and like its predecessor would use German voice talent. His post can be found here, where he also points out a French-voice version will not be created.

  • IGN.com recently posted an extensive preview of the game which can be found here. Thanks to Elite Force Files!

  • The box artwork for the game can be found here at Amazon.com. You can also pre-order from this link, and help support TrekToday.

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