'Acquisition' Opening Scenes Summary

By Lisa
March 15, 2002 - 7:01 PM

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Four Ferengi are set to run amok on the NX-01 in the upcoming Enterprise episode 'Acquisition'.

The episode sees the Enterprise crew unconscious, as devious Ferengi traders set out to pillage the ship for valuables. New information about the episode is available courtesy of the Enterprise UK.tv web site. A synopsis can be found below:

The episode begins with four Ferengi anxiously awaiting the results of their plot to incapacitate the Enterprise crew. Two of the eager aliens board the hapless ship, armed with weapons and wearing breathing equipment. They soon come across an unconscious crewman in a corridor, and examine their find. They note that the species is unlike anything they have encountered before, with curious ears and lobes that are far too small.

Upon reaching Engineering, the Ferengi are quick to spot the warp core. They comment that it is worth its weight in Latinum. They move to a Ferengi cylinder, which is emitting the gas that knocked out the crew and deactivate it. They squabble over who gets to keep T'Pol, lying on the floor near the cylinder, who is worth a great deal with her Vulcan lobes. Next, they move to the bridge, where Hoshi, Archer, Hoshi and Reed are all out cold. Here the invaders signal to their shipmates - it's safe to come over and with this catch, they might have hit the jackpot.

Inside the medical decontamination chamber and wearing only his underwear, Trip slowly comes to. He tries to signal to Phlox, but of course the doctor cannot respond because he is as unconscious as the rest of the crew. With a great deal of effort, Trip manages to pry the doors open, and heads outside. He is alarmed to see the unconscious crewmen and resolves to find out what is going on. He heads to sickbay, where he is forced to hide as two Ferengi begin pillaging the supplies. Cautiously, he moves to the armory, and it almost discovered by the aliens as they carry off a Starfleet torpedo. Upon reaching the weapons locker, Trip is dismayed to learn that all the hand weapons are missing....

Another scene, later in Act two, finds the heavily armed Ferengi moving Captain Archer to Launch bay Two. They restrain his hands above his head and wake him. Impatient with his grogginess, they hit him with their weapons. They demand Archer tell then the location of his vault, believing that the ship must contain some valuables they have not been able to discover. Archer resists, and insists that the ship is a vessel of exploration, not commerce. The Ferengi leader insists that he is concealing something, but others are wary. They advocate that they should take their loot and leave, and the aliens begin squabbling amongst themselves. Archer watches them silently, and something catches his eye...

Last month, Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker) said of the episode: "Literally, I don't say a word today. I'm just running around in my underwear" (story).

The episode will feature guest appearances by Voyager's Ethan Phillips (Neelix) as the Ferengi Ulis and DS9's Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun), last seen as the Andorian, Shran in 'Shadows of P'Jem' as Krem. The episode will air on March 27th.

As usual, none of the above plot information about the episode has been officially confirmed by Paramount, and should be treated as you would any rumour. More details about the episode are available in the original report at Enterprise UK.tv.

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