'A Take On Trek' Returns

By Christian
March 15, 2000 - 11:43 PM

After a forced hiatus of about a month, Trek Nation columnist Fred Shedian has returned with a new edition of his A Take On Trek column, looking back at the past month of Voyager. Here's how he starts his column:

To start, I would like to thank those who expressed their concern regarding my recent hospital stint. I am pleased to report that, although not perfect, my condition has returned to a tolerable state. Once again, thank you for your concern, prayers and letters.

Upon my return, I was very lucky to see that a relative had tapped all of the Voyager episodes I missed. Regretfully, the hospital television circuit failed to pick up the local UPN station. In any event, I must say there have been some surprises. Although a couple of bright spots, I must say overall I am disappointed...and notice the feelings of a title change to "Star Trek: Seven of Nine" reappearing. Before I continue, I will express my apologizes now. My comments are not in chronological order, please forgive me if I am discussing events which are a month or two old.

You can find the full column by going here. Welcome back, Fred!

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