New 'Child's Play' Reviews

By Christian
March 15, 2000 - 11:18 PM

Julia Houston at's Star Trek Fans has put up her review of 'Child's Play', the second episode in the Children of the Borg arc. Julia though the episode was 'in a word, excellent':

Voyager has been making major points with me lately for following up on the progression of the children. I'm not really into child characters, but I'm all for remembering who's on the ship and paying attention to what happens to them. I was sad to watch the Equinox crew disappear into nothing (though I have hopes to see them again sometime), so it's particularly nice that the kids haven't similarly made themselves scarce.

For the full review, follow this link. In addition, Chad Betz and Sam Wiley at SF review site Myrkr have also put up reviews of the episode, awarding it 3 and 2.5 points out of 5, respectively. Here's a short quote from Betz's review:

To my surprise, this was a very solid episode. First and foremost, the story was interesting. Voyager makes contact with the parents of the eldest Borg child, Ichib, and he is forced to make the decision of whether he wants to return to his people or continue with Voyager. He chooses his people, but that's not the end of the episode, thankfully. A fascinating twist is thrown in that actually fits in with the rest of the story. It seems as if some effort was put into weaving together plot elements to make a story with nice drama and character development; to think that I thought a semblance of intricacy in a storyline was too much to hope from the Voyager writing staff. This is also the first time that their treatment of the Borg children hasn't been utterly pathetic.

More can be found in the full Myrkr review.

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