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By Antony
February 15, 2003 - 12:48 AM

Hello World!

Well, I went to see 'Daredevil' on Thursday, and I liked it. I'm not a comic book fan, I actively dislike a lot of the genre, yet I still found I could enjoy this movie.

That's not to say I was excited by it though. I rarely felt it got my blood pumping, and there was only one real moment where I even felt on the edge of my seat. I don't know what it needed to make it more exciting... I'm just not sure. Maybe the genre works against it for me, or maybe I just can't take Ben Affleck seriously in the role. I'm not sure.

The highlight of the movie was by far Jennifer Garner. Wonderful in Alias, wonderful in 'Daredevil'. Admittedly I did go to the movie just to see her really, and I wasn't disappointed.

So although I wouldn't enthuse about the movie, I would recommend it. Certainly worth a look. I hated Spider-Man with a vengeance, but to me this was Spider-Man for adults. I heard it was dark, and it really was.

There is one problem though... I'm suffering from an addiction since. I can't stop playing 'Bring Me To Life' by Evanescence. It's on the soundtrack for 'Daredevil', in the film partially, and plays at the end of the second full trailer. It's truly fantastic, and I just can't stop playing it. And I do mean it... I've probably played it about 30 times today.

So I've bought the Daredevil soundtrack already, and am eagerly awaiting March 4 to get Evanescence's debut album. This is one group I think I will like very, very much. Well, in fact I already do.

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Trek Two Years Ago

  • It's Official: Series V To Debut In Fall
    It was finally — and officially — confirmed that the fifth Star Trek series was to debut in the fall of 2001. Creator Rick Berman was expecting production to ramp up around March, as long as it wasn't hindered by the writers' strike that was possibly going to happen, but didn't in the end. The premise for the show still wasn't known, but SFX magazine believed at the time it was "set in the early days of the Federation."

  • Shatner Marries For Fourth Time, Avoids Media Onslaught
    It was a happy time for William Shatner (James T. Kirk) after he married for the fourth time, walking down the aisle with Elizabeth J. Martin. They got married in Lebanon, Indiana, in a ceremony that happened so quickly that the media barely had chance to realise what happening, and affored the newly wed couple some privacy.

Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

What's your favorite DS9 season finale?
5) Call to Arms 52.5% - (472 Votes)
6) Tears of the Prophets 17.3% - (156 Votes)
2) The Jem'Hadar 11.5% - (104 Votes)
Don't know 7.8% - (71 Votes)
1) In the Hands of the Prophets 3.7% - (34 Votes)
3) The Adversary 3.5% - (32 Votes)
4) Broken Link 3.2% - (29 Votes)

Total Votes: 899

Thanks for voting in the last poll. The current polls asks you for your opinion on 'Cease Fire'.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Andrew Robinson (Garak) who was 61 yesterday.

Happy birthday to LeVar Burton (Garak) who is 46 tomorrow.

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