Nichelle Nichols On Her Favourite Trek Movie

By Lisa
February 16, 2002 - 2:50 AM

Nichelle Nichols recently talked about why she has no regrets that the final movie to feature the Original Series cast was Star Trek VI.

"The sixth and last of the Star Trek motion pictures was 'The Undiscovered Country.' It was one of my three favourites-those being ST-II, IV and VI…number IV," Nichols told Ian Cullen for Scifipulse.

"'There be whales, Captain' - being my number one all time favourite. I've always felt that if there were to be no more major motion pictures of the Star Trek 'First Family,' it definitely should end with 'Country,' ergo I have no regrets... sniff…sniff."

That family was broken up by the untimely death of DeForest Kelley in 1999. "De Kelley was a sweet man, a fine gentleman, and a great friend," the actress recalled. "He is sorely missed. [And] Gene [Roddenberry] was a genius and a creative giant whose shoes have not yet been filled in the Star Trek universe."

The actress is set to release 'Saturna's Quest,' the second book in her science fiction series on February 22nd. "Saturna was a figment of my childhood imagination and so I suppose you could say that she was my alter ego," Nichols explained. "And that I lived vicariously through this mystical, magical being from another world. Consequently, through her, I could 'become' anything and anyone I wanted to be. I infused in Saturna all the characteristics my young mind imagined her to need, which were all that I understood from the teachings of my mother and father."

The actress has not yet seen the latest addition to the Trek family, Enterprise. "I have not seen the new series," she said. "If a script were offered with a high quality role-whether Uhura or not - I, as a working actor, would be interested."

Much more from Nichelle Nichols, including her singing career and more on her writing, can be found in the original interview at Scifipulse. More information on the actress' books can be found at

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