Detailed Synopsis Of 'Fusion' Revealed

By Lisa
February 15, 2002 - 10:10 PM

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Sources yesterday revealed a detailed synopsis of 'Fusion', the Enterprise episode that will air in two weeks time.

Previously titled 'Equilibrium,' the episode will hold a sensual encounter for T'Pol and a mysterious Vulcan; reported Enterprise UK.

The episode begins with T'Pol and Archer looking at a book belonging to a young 'Jonny Archer' about Astronomy titled 'To the Stars!' Its cover shows an image of a nebula that is visible outside the window of his Ready Room. They are interrupted by a hail from Reed indicating the presence of an alien ship.

The ship is Vulcan, but of a design T'Pol asserts has not been in service for many years. They are hailed by a Vulcan named Tyrus, who looks much more casual then others of his race. His hair is longer and his manner more friendly. He claims that his ship is on a mission of peaceful exploration and asks Archer for assistance with repairs. Archer agrees, but T'Pol is suspicious of the stranger.

Over a meal, the crew discovers that these Vulcans are not explorers of space, but of a new way of life. They are 'V'tosh ka'tur' - Vulcans without logic who have tried to escape the rigid lifestyle of Vulcan. Szon, a Vulcan crew member, comments that T'Pol's emotions seem to be much closer to the surface than is usual. He tells her that the V'tosh ka'tur do not reject the teachings of Surak, but disagree with Vulcan elders about how they should be interpreted. He also correctly guesses the region of her birth. Szon encourages her not to meditate as usual before going to sleep that night, to see what happens.

T'Pol is curious, and does as he bids. We follow her dream sequence, and see her running through the ship's corridors, a look of exhilaration on her face. We also see a flashback to a younger T'Pol, with longer hair. Checking to see if she is being observed, the younger T'Pol removes her clothes and slips into a hot spring to bathe. Meanwhile, the running T'Pol has arrived at the Messhall. There she meets Szon, who makes no effort to disguise his desire for her. The two join together in a mind meld. Their activities appear to be linked to the nebula outside, which reacts to their actions. Outside her vision, T'Pol is asleep in her quarters, and we watch as the door is forced open. Szon grabs her, but T'Pol awakens, and is alone in her quarters.

T'Pol relates her experiences to Szon the next day. We learn that T'Pol was previously expelled from a prestigious course because she experimented with emotion. Szon assures her that he can teach her more about her feelings and that the mind meld is not as dangerous as Vulcan elders teach - it can be a liberating experience. He says that he can liberate her from the Ponn Farr so she would be free to experience love whenever she liked. T'Pol is resistant, and Szon attempts to force her. She manages to push him away and he falls, green blood escaping from a wound. He glares at her and exits, leaving T'Pol looking shaken and frightened.

'Fusion' was written by the Enterprise writing team of Phyllis Strong & Mike Sussman who previously worked together on Civilization, Strange New World, and most recently on Shadows of P'Jem. The original story was by Enterprise creators Rick Berman & Brannon Braga. The episode was directed by Rob Hedden who previously worked as director on the Friday 13th TV series and wrote the screenplay for the movie Jonathan Frakes (William Riker) directed last year, 'Clockstoppers.'

Please note that official details about the contents of this episode have yet to be released by Paramount, and should be treated as rumour until such time as they are confirmed. More details about the episode are available here at Enterprise UK.

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