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By Amy
January 15, 2001 - 6:24 PM

Hello World!

Well, you're lucky - only a short column from me today - I haven't exactly been feeling the best over the last few days. But in the space I do expend, I'm going to talk about polls, or, rather, the last poll. I actually conducted something of an experiment with it, you see, and inserted a fake episode name to see if anyone'd vote for it. Yup, you guessed it, 'Sacrifice', to the best of my knowledge, does not exist. I and another webmaster conducting the same experiment made it up. Sorry folks - I was actually saving that particular gag up for April Fools day, but I couldn't resist temptation. I sincerly appologise if this has upset anyone or they feel mislead.

Something else I also find interesting is that the episodes for which what we believe are actual scripts are online rated the highest. I have a sneaking suspicion that if we didn't have the 'Shattered' script, it sure as hell wouldn't have come first in the poll - I mean, come on. It's a Chakotay episode and it involves some pretty serious time-travel. I don't know about you but I heard some pretty heavy alarms going off when I first heard about it. Well, that's an informed public for you, I guess.

Speaking of scripts and polls, that's the subect of our new one - legal issues nonwithstanding, what should we do with scripts if we find 'em? I've got some quite varried (and quite heated) responces to this one, so I'm quite interested in what you have to say on the matter.

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Poll Results

Below are the results of the most recent TrekToday poll:

What Voyager episode are you most looking forward to?
'Shattered' 37.1% - (207 Votes)
'Lineage' 27.8% - (155 Votes)
'Workforce' 17.4% - (97 Votes)
'Human Error' 4.8% - (27 Votes)
'Prophecy' 4.6% - (26 Votes)
'Sacrifice' 3.9% - (22 Votes)
'The Void' 2.6% - (15 Votes)
'Repentance' 1.4% - (8 Votes)

Total Votes: 557

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