'Enterprise' Will Maintain Continuity, Braga Says

By Caillan
December 14, 2001 - 5:10 PM

Setting Enterprise before the original Star Trek had the potential to cause continuity problems, but co-creator Brannon Braga says the writing staff have it all under control.

"[Enterprise] will stay true to what has been established, will cross continuity only after careful thought and for a good reason," Braga said in the latest issue of Star Trek: The Magazine (via EnterpriseUK).

Braga has planned certain elements of the series, but isn't playing hard and fast with future storylines. "You want to figure out about 25% and leave the remaining 75% up to inspiration."

The magazine added that Enterprise will showcase how Earth became a major galactic player and helped to form the Federation in forthcoming seasons.

For the moment though, the pesky Suliban are on everyone's mind. According to the article, the genetically-enhanced species will show up a further two or three time this season. The identity of their mysterious commander from the future is still in flux, with the producers currently considering several possibilities.

To read the full interview with Braga, pick up the January edition of Star Trek: The Magazine, on newsstands now. The issue also contains interviews with Scott Bakula (Jonathan Archer) and Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Forrest).

The original transcript can be found here at EnterpriseUK.

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