Braga Says He's Done With Star Trek

By Michelle
November 14, 2005 - 8:15 PM

Brannon Braga has announced that his relationship with the Star Trek franchise is at an end, adding, "There will be a lot of fans cheering about that."

In an interview with Sci Fi Wire, the longtime Star Trek writer, executive producer and co-creator of Star Trek: Enterprise said that "at the moment" he cannot foresee returning to the franchise. Although there are no conclusive plans for an eleventh feature film, Braga said that even if the project had been greenlighted, he would not be involved.

"Just having come off so many years on the show and having done something different, I just don't think I would be ready now. Nor do I think they would necessarily ask me," he said. "If they came to me today, I would have to be very flattered, but politely decline."

Though he won a Hugo Award for his work on the Next Generation finale "All Good Things...", Braga earned a great deal of criticism for Enterprise's final episode, "These Are the Voyages..." which he co-wrote with his fellow executive producer Rick Berman. "Star Trek was very good to me. And I certainly did my best to contribute to Star Trek. But there just comes a point where I'm not sure what else I would have to give," he admitted, saying he could see how it could be lucrative for him but he did not want to be involved in something that did not move him creatively.

Braga is now an executive producer on Threshold, the CBS drama about an alien invasion that is moving on November 22nd from Fridays to Tuesdays. The show's new time slot puts it into competition with another Star Trek institution, William Shatner, whose Boston Legal airs in that hour on ABC.

The original article is at Sci Fi Wire.

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