Shatner Promises Laughs On 'Iron Chef USA'

By Caillan
November 14, 2001 - 9:10 AM

William Shatner (James T. Kirk) guarantees that his latest television event, Iron Chef USA, will be full of fun for all the family.

"We talk about all this wonderful [cooking] stuff with fun," Shatner said during last night's appearance on the Rosie O'Donnell show. "Chefs cooking complex things, simple things, laughs, lots of laughs, it is funny. It's cooking meets the World Wrestling Federation. So the women can watch for the cooking, the men can watch for the activity and we all can watch and laugh."

The actor explained his role on the show. "I'm kind of like hosting," he said. "In this corner, is a pumpkin. And in this corner, is an apple. Bring them together and make something."

Although Iron Chef promises to be a cooking romp, Shatner insisted that it has a message. "It was so much fun, and it's a cooking show if you can believe it. And the final message is smell the garlic, take your time, eat the garlic and don't rush it. And enjoy your life."

Shatner also appeared on the Howard Stern Radio Show yesterday morning. According to a report on the Stern Show News site, the actor talked about his upcoming appearance on The Weakest Link. Asked why he'd let host Anne Robinson insult him, Shatner replied that he did get the opportunity to insult her back, though in the nicest way possible.

During these appearances, Shatner also talked about the newly released 'Mind Meld' DVD, featuring himself and Leonard Nimoy (Spock) in an intimate tell-all discussion. "It's hands-down, total vulnerability, no audience, we were there alone. So it'll be a great interest to Star Trek people, but also 'people.'"

The DVD was recently reviewed in the November 9 issue of Entertainment Weekly. "Only two types of people will rent this seemingly interminable heart-to-heart between Star Trek's original leads, who rival black holes in sheer self-absorption: (a) those who can name and number 'the episode with the Horta' (don't ask), and (b) those who've heard the rumor that Shatner, the original gas giant, lets 'something' slip around about the 50 minute mark," wrote reviewer Scott Brown. "For what it's worth, this reviewer heard the odoriferous clarion call loud and clear, bumping the grade up to an F."

Iron Chef USA will air 9:00pm November 16 on UPN. The 11 minute Real Media clip of Shatner's Rosie appearance can be found at Media Trek, while the full Howard Stern report is available here. Thanks to Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga for this!

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