Another 'Inside Man' review

By Amy
November 14, 2000 - 10:56 AM

Michael Marek of Cinescape has posted his review of last week's Voyager episode, 'Inside Man'. He quite like the episode, in a week where many reviewers have divided opinions, calling it "well plotted, strongly acted and enjoyable".

Part of the charm of "Inside Man" is its liberal use of Next Gen references. We learn that Deanna and Wil Riker still vacation together, and that Reg and Deanna attended Geordi's birthday party recently. We also see a Ferengi Dabo girl in action, having previously pretended to be Reg's girlfriend in order to obtain the secrets of his hologram plan.

Dwight Schultz displays his wide range of acting skill, playing the obsessive Reg Barclay, as well has his debonair hologram. To entertain the Voyager crew the hologram also does effective parodies of Janeway and Tuvok. At the climax of the episode, Schultz also does a nice job as the obsessive Reg pretending to be the debonair hologram in order to deceive the Ferengi into closing the warp before Voyager can pass through.

We have complained before that Marina Sirtis deserves a more substantial role than just asking Reg "how does that make you feel?" In this episode, she uses her emotion-sensing ability to get the truth out of the Dabo girl.

For his full review, please click here and visit Cinescape.

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