Trek Actors and Hopefuls Congratulate Those Newly Cast

By Michelle
October 14, 2007 - 2:16 AM

As casting announcements for the upcoming Star Trek film are published, various actors involved with the production and the history of Star Trek have weighed in with their approval for J.J. Abrams' choices.

With reports widespread that Abrams' first choice to play Kirk is Chris Pine, newly cast Spock Zachary Quinto told Access Hollywood that he would be delighted if Pine joined the cast. "I know Chris...I think he is a phenomenal actor," Quinto said. "I would certainly love to work with him and I feel like he would be a really strong choice."

George Takei's onetime role as navigator Sulu has gone to Korean-American actor John Cho. "Sulu's in good hands," Takei told "I've seen Cho in many productions at East West Players and he always brings a vigorous sense of individuality to his roles." Takei added that he hoped Cho would return for many more Star Trek movies.

And Chris Doohan, son of original Scotty actor James Doohan who at one time had hoped to be considered for the film role himself, said that he was pleased with the casting of Simon Pegg, though Pegg was not his first choice. "I guess he pegged the audition," Doohan joked to "Even though Paul McGillion was my first choice, I believe that Pegg will do a great job...his accent is passable and heís a great actor."

Onetime Stargate Atlantis star McGillion also sent congratulations to British actor Pegg. "I'd like to thank you all for your tremendous support especially Chris Doohan who rallied behind me to fill his fatherís footsteps," McGillion wrote to "I have not had the pleasure of 'meeting' Simon Pegg but I am familiar with his work and I think heís a terrific talent. I wish him and the rest of the cast & crew great success with the new Star Trek film."

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