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Berman On 'Exile', Coto, Trek Films

By Michelle
October 14, 2003 - 3:17 AM

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Executive producer Rick Berman described tomorrow night's episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, "Exile", as "sort of a Beauty and the Beast episode" which becomes "a very frightening episode."

Speaking in Star Trek Monthly (via SciFi Pulse), Berman also spoke of his excitement at having added writer and producer Manny Coto to the show's staff.

"I could not be more delighted...he's a major prospect for us," said Berman. "He'll be one of our co-executive producers."

Citing Coto's experience as a writer and director, Berman added, "His last show was actually Odyssey 5, which I thought was a very, very interesting show."

Berman explained that the creature who contacts Hoshi Sato in "Exile" does so "basically because of her immense communicative skills" and seems to want to spend"innocent time with Hoshi." The crew then makes several unnerving discoveries about the alien and about the spheres in that region of space.

Asked whether trimmed material, such as a supposed scene between Archer and a potential romantic interest from "The Expanse", might appear in a DVD release, Berman said, "Would I ever imagine scenes like that being put onto DVDs? Yeah. Basically everybody is doing that now on DVDs of feature films and television shows."

He also said that he was certain Paramount would want to do another Trek movie, but "as far as when, we have not begun to consider that yet. As far as who or what the film would be about, I don't have an instinct yet. It's far too premature for me to make an assumption about that."

For more comments from Berman appearing in Star Trek Monthly, visit SciFi Pulse.

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