'Star Trek XI' Henke Role

By T'Bonz
September 14, 2008 - 5:57 AM

Brad William Henke spoke recently about his role of "Uncle Frank," the not-so-nice relative of James T. Kirk.

As reported by Collider.com, James T. Kirk's family isn't all sweetness and light. "I play Captain Kirk's alcoholic, abusive uncle when he's a kid," said Henke. "I treat him very badly, which forces him to go off and do what he does."

A Star Trek fan before his work on Star Trek XI, Henke enjoyed portraying the unpleasant relative. "It was fun, it was fun to play such a...asshole. You know, such a bad character."

Henke had no scenes with Chris Pine as revealed when he was asked if Pine "flubs his lines a lot." "No, cause I just had...I was with the little kid," said Henke.

Working with J.J. Abrams was another pleasant experience for Henke. It was "Awesome! Awesome, really nice guy," said Henke. "And he was so positive, and he was, he was awesome! He was such a nice guy, and so into it. Running around, just really into it."

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