Pocket Books To Expore Alternate Realities

By Michelle
September 14, 2005 - 9:50 PM

Pocket Books Star Trek editor Marco Palmieri has announced new projects including books set entirely in the Mirror Universe and a return to the Rihannsu fiction of popular writer Diane Duane.

At the TrekBBS, Palmieri said that there is a project in the works for 2007 focusing on the Mirror Universe characters. "We plan two volumes, trade paperbacks collecting three standalone novels each, and each novel focuses on a different ST series," he explained. "The effect we hope to produce here is a history of the Mirror Universe...the stories will be spread across the MU timeline."

In addition, added the editor, there is another project being developed that at various times has been referred to as Split Infinities, Aprocrypha and Othertimes. "The conceit of this project is to publish a half-dozen or so standalone novel-length tales, each focusing on a different set of Star Trek characters, that explore a variety of divergent ST histories," Palmieri wrote. "Each story will spring from an established event that unfolds differently, with the consequences extrapolated from that change."

While it has been assumed by fans that Duane's Rihannsu novels about the Romulans have been rendered acanonical by the development of the Vulcan offshoot in the series and films, Palmieri also said that he was unconvinced that Rihannsu fiction "necessarily unfolds in a separate continuity" from Star Trek canon. "I plan to reexamine that issue," he noted, adding that he hoped to have an announcement about Duane's anticipated novel The Empty Chair soon.

In other news, Pocket Books novels The Next Generation: Death In Winter by Michael Jan Friedman and Titan: The Red King by Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels are now shipping.

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