Vaughn Armstrong On Playing Human - At Last!

By Lisa
September 14, 2001 - 8:16 PM

After years of playing just about every Trek alien in the book, Vaughn Armstrong finally gets to come out from behind the rubber in the first episode of Enterprise, 'Broken Bow.'

My role is Admiral Forrest, the head of Starfleet," the actor told IGN SciFi. "I guess the character is named after DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy) and I'm honoured to have such a handle."

How does the new show compare with the other Trek series the actor has worked on? "Well, it has some dirt - that's how it compares," Armstrong said. "Finally, everyone's not as clean as Next Generation and the other Star Treks were starting to get. Heck, they had two choices: they could either get cleaner with more technobabble, or go back. They seem to have made the right choice. It's all real. There are more buttons."

There is also the possibility that Admiral Forrest will be back on the show. "That's what they're sort of hinting at, but they're making no promises," he said. "But apparently whenever they come back to Earth, they've got to deal with me. I hope there will be a few times they will deal with me, as a face on a screen at least. I don't know if he'll be Earthbound forever, but he is the head of Starfleet so he is somebody."

More from Armstrong, including his thoughts on the cast, can be found in the original article at IGN SciFi.

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